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Air conditioners in recent year have become the appliance of choice as they provide both heating and cooling, this in combination with the introduction of inverter technology has the air-con being more economical to run than ever before.

Your evaporative cooler needs regular cleaning to ensure it continues to perform properly as evaporative coolers collect windblown dust and pollen. This causes a build-up of dirt and grime which eventually leads to blocked filter pads, circulation pump troubles and leads to blockages within the water unit distribution system and less air flow.

Regular maintenance is highly recommended to keep the cooler running efficiently for the summer months and prevent the build-up of any dirt and bacteria and will ensure that your home will have a better airflow which will be more hygienic for the family.






  1. Attachment of gauges to check refrigerant levels, this is done by checking gas pressures and can only be done by a technician licensed in refrigeration. This task alone takes about 15 minutes of time.
  2. To run machine for 5 min, then do temperature reading of temp on to coil and off coil, this should be 10 degrees or better.
  3. Remove and clean the filter.
  4. Check drain by pouring 1 litre of water across indoor coil and making sure it goes through the drain to the outside or discharge point.
  5. Check the operation of the remote works on all commands, check louvre operation, and check all modes of operation.
  6. Check outdoor unit for position and being level.
  7. While running check temperature of the condenser fan, this should be 18 degrees above ambient temp.
  8. Check connections of fridge pipe for signs of oil which if found indicate a refrigerant leak.
  9. Check the power supply and isolator, see if it actually does turn on and off.
  10. check to make sure area around condenser is free and not hindering its air movement across its coil
  11. Check to ensure the indoor is mounted correctly, the distance is even around the head on the wall, and if the head is level and or slight fall to right hand side of the head unit for the condensate water to drain correctly
  12. To study the environment, to look and see if machine is under or oversized for the area to be conditioned.