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Commercial Services

Heating & Cooling Services for Corporate Offices in Melbourne

Range of Commercial Services

Our experts offer a complete range of services to our commercial customers, including air conditioning and heating repairs and installation within Melbourne.

The commercial side of the business has grown quickly due to the success we have had in helping our residential clients. They were thrilled with our level of customer service and wished to have us oversee the heating and cooling needs of their commercial businesses too. Melbourne Heating and Cooling now look after a number of major shopping centres, retail outlets, medical centres, city buildings, schools and government departments.

Commercial Services - Melbourne Heating & Cooling

Air Con / Heating

Air-conditioning/heating is the heart and soul of Melbourne Heating and Cooling, our combined knowledge and experience in this field is unparalleled in the industry.

We have a wealth of experience in creating optimal air quality via air-balancing for human resources. This is achieved through the correct configuration of new or existing systems by resizing ductwork, repairing or replacing units as required. We then offer tailored maintenance plans to ensure efficient and effective climate control and accurate asset management tracking for audit tracking and compliance.

Heating & Cooling Services for Air Con Offices in Melbourne


Plumbing is the grassroots skill required for any gas heating, air-conditioning or building project. As you’d expect at Melbourne Heating and Cooling have the basics more than covered in this regard.

In both plumbing and Mechanical services we also have access to “type B” appliances, certification with AGA and the officer of gas safety, to service and repairs, programmed shutdowns.

Heating & Cooling Services for Plumbing Offices in Melbourne


With modern-day electrical equipment now controlled and run by circuit boards and sensors, it’s important electricians have up-to-date knowledge of these systems. This is an area our team excels. From interface boards to BMS systems. We’re even in the process of developing an app for our larger customers so they can control their appliance from anywhere in the world simply by pressing a couple of buttons on their smartphone.

When we carry out a repair, service or maintenance we can report with confidence, by using the latest in thermal imaging to help show potential problems before they occur. Technology like this saves our customers downtime and far more costly repairs and/or full appliance replacement. We can also help with energy audits. We’re able to test a site for the source of heavy usage and then offer advice on how best to manage that particular appliance.

Heating & Cooling Services for Electrical Offices in Melbourne


Building services that are offered by the team at Melbourne Heating and Cooling, We offer a broad scope of building services ranging from repairs and renovations to maintenance and audits for compliance. If it’s the work is required for insurance or upgrading purposes to project managing the particular fields in which we are masters of.

Our team of Master Tradesmen can also project manage in our respective fields of expertise. We’ll happily take the job from putting out for tender, choosing a contractor to engage and then oversee that project right through to certificate of compliance to relevant building codes.

Heating & Cooling Services for Commercial Buildings in Melbourne

Breakdown Repair Service

If your heating or cooling breaks down, call us, we will log the call and can usually fix your appliance on the spot. Depending on the time of year we will endeavour to come out within 24 hours, sometimes we can get there on the day.
We carry a large range of parts, but not all parts for all appliances can be carried in the back of our vans. If we do not have the part in the van usually we will carry it in the warehouse and can come back the next day.

MHC Commercial Heating & Cooling Services in Melbourne

Preventative Maintenance

It is part of the Occupation Health and Safety legislation that all heating and cooling appliances operating in a commercial environment are to be serviced on a regular basis. The amount of times an appliance is serviced per year is dictated by a number of factors which include geographical location, size of plant and industry. MH&C can advise you on how many times a year your appliances will need to be serviced and can quote you on a price which will include a written report which is supplied with the invoice.

Commercial Heating & Cooling Services in Melbourne by MHC

Refurbishment Assistance

Commercial air conditioning systems are designed to suit the original building plan, however, over a period of time, the plan of the office is changed to suit new tenants/owners and the needs and wants of the aircon change as the floor plan is changed. Owners/tenants often complain about the aircon not working but we can usually fix this problem with some minor tweaking of the existing plan.

Commercial Heating & Cooling Services in Melbourne

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