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Evaporative Cooling Service

An Evaporative Cooler breakdown or malfunction is the last thing you need during the summer months.

We Can Help With Our Evaporative Cooler Service Packages

An Evaporative Cooler breakdown or malfunction is the last thing you need during the summer months. This is why it’s so important to get yours checked before trouble strikes.

Did you know your Evaporative cooling system is a lot like your car?
Through constant use, it requires regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and to minimize the chance and severity of break-downs.

You may not be aware but Evaporative Coolers collect windblown dust and pollen, this build-up of dirt and grime clogs up the unit and blocks the filter pads, causing possible pump problems and blockages within the water distribution system.
As a consequence, less airflow is circulated throughout the house.

To keep cool and comfortable throughout the summer months, domestic Evaporative Coolers should be cleaned and maintained to ensure they are effective when you need them most.

Investing in an annual maintenance program today will save you possible replacement or repair costs in the long term.

Our typical Evaporative Cooler Service – Before & After

MHC Spring Special

Our fixed price does not include repairs. If repairs are required, time to fit parts and the cost of parts are not included in the fixed price.
This package includes the following services:

  • Contactless Service and payment.
  • Check over roof surface, drain and water supply for any obvious damage or issues. (Primary safety check or JSA).
  • Tiles or roof material are in good order – not damaged from possible leakage.
  • Check flashings are ok and the dropper is still square and not sagging.
  • Look for water egress from cooler (water leaking from structure of appliance) and from flashing any sign of future water damage.
  • Drain affixed and good order and not blocked.
  • Remove the panels of the unit checking for any damage to the filter material.
  • Check the water level and check the water supply is on and working correctly.
  • Check water distribution hoses and channels.
  • Check filters for wear and sagging aspen pads or cracked Celdek.
  • Check operation of water valve and/or solenoid.
  • Check pump operation.
  • Check sump and general structure of cooler.
  • Check motor and run it through from high to low speed.
  • Check controller operation and cable connections.
  • Check power cable.
  • Make minor adjustments to working parts if required.
  • Re-fit all panels and secure them to the unit, run cooler through water cycle.
  • Record type, brand, age, colour and size of cooler for future reference if parts are required into the future.
  • Inside house check controller.
  • Advise on any parts required to have the cooler work optimally.
  • Discharge all sump water from the unit safely. (not straight onto roof structure)
  • Clean the water tank and check operation of the drain valve.
  • Clean inside the cabinet removing any webs, dust and dirt.
  • Fill the tank and wash the cabinet again to make sure it is all nice and clean inside.
  • Start cooling cycle and make sure drain valve closes and seal.
  • Set the correct water level.
  • Check the unit does not leak.
  • Replace the panels; checking all filter medium is brushed down.
  • Run the appliance and check it is operating correctly.
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