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The Extraordinaire

30th Apr 2021 in Air Conditioning Blogs
Breezair The Extraordinaire - Melbourne Heating & Cooling

Breezair – Extraordinaire


Breezair is Seeley International’s premium, world-leading evaporative air conditioner brand, and the new Breezair Extraordinaire™ has redefined the future for whole-of-home cooling. This extraordinary evaporative air conditioner has been beautifully designed with a single-piece outer cover that seamlessly blends the corners and grille into one state-of-the-art rooftop cooler cabinet.

The louvers follow the angle of the roofline, allowing the air conditioner to blend in perfectly to the roof angle. This enables the cabinet to sit well below the ridgeline.

While sitting discretely on the roof, this uniquely designed one-piece cabinet opens up like a car bonnet allowing for easy access and hassle-free servicing.

The clever design of the Breezair Extraordinaire™ incorporates a robust plastic dropper able to integrate with all roof structures which accepts flashing from all roofs and provides a free path for water inlet, power, and control cables. It has been designed for state-of-the-art flexible droppers, eliminating the need for expensive old-style metal droppers.

The one-piece outer cover and all water reservoir components are highly durable and non-corrodible, made from high-performance Permatuf® UV-stabilised polymer to ensure many years of reliable operation in even the harshest climate.

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Breezair – Extraordinaire

An Architecturally Designed Evaporative Cooler

You want your home to look it’s very best but you also want comfortable low-cost cooling. The new Breezair Extraordinaire™ delivers the best of both worlds with an extraordinary new cabinet design that seamlessly blends into a modern roofline without sacrificing comfort or energy-efficient performance. This center piece will sit flat on any roof ranging from

10-40 degrees angle, and is, therefore, less visible.

In fact, the clever way the Breezair Extraordinaire™ hugs the roofline means that the plumbing and metal droppers that are normally visible in other evaporative coolers have disappeared. This eliminates any extra heat load created by the searing summer sun on exposed metal or plastic. Hugging the roof, well below the ridgeline, also greatly reduces any impact from high winds.

Extraordinaire Cooling and Airflow in Pakenham - Melbourne Heating & Cooling
Breezair Extraordinaire Cooling Systems in Pakenham - Melbourne Heating & Cooling

Breezair – Extraordinaire

The Over Performer

Breezair Extraordinaire™ has evolved out of relentless over-the-horizon innovation. With this extraordinary product, the revolutionary Black Magic™ MINI-CELL* CHILLCEL® pads have been added to the center of an evaporative air conditioner. This combination is another world first from Seeley International, maximising cooling capacity while minimising the unit size.

As hot air is drawn into both the top and sides of the unit through the Chillcel® pads, ultra-cooled air is delivered into the dropper and ducts for distribution throughout the home. The breakthrough Black Magic™ MINI-CELL* CHILLCEL® pad creates the only evaporative cooling medium of its kind. It is fully manufactured in Australia to address the harsh Australian climate and is an absolute over-performer. Enhanced small cell design provides cutting-edge levels of cooling capacity. And because of its unique design, the Breezair Extraordinaire™ provides more pad surface area, which also dramatically multiplying the cooling capacity and efficiency – BEYOND BELIEF!

The Extraordinaire Cooling System - Melbourne Heating & Cooling

Breezair – Extraordinaire

Make A Statement By Blending In

An impressive range of colour options provides plenty of opportunities to have your new Breezair Extraordinaire™ enhance the style and design of your house. Blend the Breezair Extraordinaire™* seamlessly into your roof by choosing from a contemporary range of Colorbond® options or a more traditional colour selection*.

*Colours may vary. Heritage Green made to order.
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The Extraordinaire Cooling and Airflow System - Melbourne Heating & Cooling
Breezair Extraordinaire in Pakenham - Melbourne Heating & Cooling

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