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After spending a long day at the office in the middle of summer while the blistering sun cooks the city, the last thing you need is for the air conditioner to fail when you get home. As you open the front door and get that sinking feeling when you realise your Mitsubishi has thrown in the towel and it’s no cooler than outside, Melbourne Heating and Cooling is the only name you need to remember.

Relying on many years experience and a strong commitment to maintaining a reputation as the best in the industry, our team of repair and service professionals are a lifeline for homes all over Melbourne when their cooling systems let them down at the worst possible time.

Mitsubishi Ducted AC - Melbourne Heating & Cooling

Earn peace of mind with a preventative service

By booking a routine service for your Mitsubishi cooling system, you can ensure that it is in optimum working order whenever you need to use it with a lower chance of needing an urgent repair. If you do avoid an emergency fix in the future, it can also cut down your costs.

If your split system, evaporative cooler, or ducted air conditioning unit does malfunction it can be particularly frustrating, especially because the moment that you find out it’s broken is the time you need it most. Don’t let it ruin your day or prevent a good night’s sleep — call the experts from Melbourne Heating and Cooling and have that blissfully cool air flowing through your home once again.

Our expertise doesn’t stop with Mitsubishi service and repair — we also work with Coolair, Fujitsu, and numerous other top brands. Whatever your circumstances may be, talk to the industry specialists and have confidence that you’ll get a result to the best possible standard in both residential and commercial contexts.

Mitsubishi - Melbourne Heating & Cooling

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Our experienced crew is on hand to offer support at any time from responding to an emergency Mitsubishi repair to answering a general enquiry. Speak with us directly on 1300 36 44 36 or fill out the enquiry form and we will be more than happy to help with anything you need.

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