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Is your home starting to feel more like an oven during summer or a walk-in freezer during winter? If you’ve lived in Australia for a number of years then you’re well aware of how extreme the temperatures can get, often fluctuating from one extreme to the next. When it comes to combating the freezing temperatures of winter, it’s imperative to make sure your boiler system is in the proper working condition.

With many different boiler brands and styles available on the market, it’s important to have a trusted service on standby who is familiar with the myriad of system requirements. Each style can differ marginally from the last, meaning it’s crucial to only choose the professionals who know their boilers, inside and out. If you have a Sime boiler and require a service or repair to ensure it’s working at peak performance, then speaking to the team at Melbourne Heating and Cooling today!

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The importance of scheduling a regular service

All boiler brands, whether Immergas, Cambro, or Sime, require regular servicing to identify potential problems and allow any repairs to be completed in a timely fashion. If your current system is dated and you don’t feel as though it’s performing as it should, then this is most likely due to a lack of services. Ensure you get the most out of your investment and have our professionals take a look at your system to fix any issues then and there. Ultimately you will be saving money by avoiding costly breakdowns in the future by spending a little bit ahead of time.

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We have the experience to repair any system

Beyond offering Sime service and repairs throughout Melbourne, our team are equipped to conduct boiler, installations, maintenance, and much more. We even offer a number of premium heating and cooling systems for sale, including split systems, ducted heating, and many others.

If you were interested in a quote on our Sime repairs or wanted to book in a service, contact us today on 1300 36 44 36. Our friendly staff are always willing to help and can provide any further information as required.

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