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Covid19 Winter Support

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Covid19 Winter Support in Pakenham - Melbourne Heating & Cooling

Covid-19 Essential Winter Support

Dear Customer,

We’re writing this to address the ongoing challenge that Corona-virus COVID-19 poses and to make you aware
of the steps we’re taking to ensure your safety and continued comfort.

In these times of uncertainty, we will be continuing to service your needs while observing current government health and professional guidelines. As the situation evolves so will our response while endeavoring to deliver you our range of services.

In order to maintain the highest level of safety for both you and our team may require a bit more detail about your premises. This can be done via email but will be followed up with a friendly phone call.

Our team will be equipped with the correct personal protection gear for the job but we ask for your co-operation and patience as we recommend the appropriate protocol
for your specific situation.

Melbourne Heating & Cooling values the health and safety of our community and will continue to work with this being our top priority. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call or email us.


Peter Papworth

Covid-19 Winter Support - Melbourne Heating & Cooling

Covid-19 Winter Service Package


Melbourne Heating and Cooling are sensitive to the needs of our customers during these very trying times.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rigorous isolation rules have been put in place for the safety of everyone. While there’s very little we can do about that, the added burden of enduring the winter cold doesn’t have to be tolerated. Of course, this is where we can help.

Melbourne Heating and Cooling will do everything possible to ensure all of our customers remain warm and comfortable during the inevitable colder months to come.

In these very uncertain times, we want to put some certainty back into your world. In order to achieve this, we’ve now capped our service call charge for a breakdown call out at only $250. This includes the first hour of the visit but doesn’t include parts.

All Melbourne Heating and Cooling vans carry a variety of parts, at this time of year we try to be well-stocked with most generic parts and do have a specialised focus on parts for Braemar ducted heaters. However, should we need to make the trip for additional parts we will quote you for the part/s including installation.

Previous to this promotion our call out was $250 which included the first half-hour of the visit then $ 45 per 15 minutes thereafter. The average call-out is half an hour.

This promotional capped charge includes ducted heaters, wall furnaces, split systems, ducted split systems, and space heaters.

In addition to capping our service call charges we will include with every call out at no extra cost:

CO Test

General service and clean will be included in every breakdown service

Covid19 Winter Support - Melbourne Heating & Cooling

Essential Safety & Comfort Protocol


A series of questions when booking a call:

  • Have you returned from overseas travel in the last 14 days?
  • Have you knowingly come into contact with family or friends who have travelled overseas in the last 14 days?
  • Have you knowingly come into contact with family or friends who have been diagnosed or exposed in Australia in the last 14 days?
  • Are you feeling unwell or showing any symptoms linked with COVID-19?
Covid19 Winter Support Info - Melbourne Heating & Cooling


  • We ask our staff to maintain consistent communication with our customers to promote reliability and diligence. An example of this service is we have our field technicians notify their customers prior to arrival, to give an approximate estimated time. This is to help reduce the expectation of our customers to be available all day and promote a more efficient stream of communication.
  • During this sensitive time whereby new law enforcements have been issued to minimise social contact, our technicians actively abide by these requests. Face masks have been issued to minimise our exposure to your home, and a new set of disposable gloves are to be worn upon arrival. This is a measure to also help protect our employees, to help alleviate potential exposure between visited jobs.
  • We do our best to have our work vehicles stocked so as our technicians have access to relevant parts and equipment for most standard jobs. This is to minimise the potential for a returned visit, to promote efficiency and reduce social contact.
  • Our initial contact with your home is courteous and respectful. We will knock then distance ourselves from the door to abide by the 1.5-meter rule. We encourage our customers to voice precautions they’d like us to consider when entering their home, to help keep their loved ones safe as well as our employees diligent and informed.
  • Our initial contact with our customers mainly is directed through the office, where we take the opportunity to ask you about your current situation and can clarify what service you’d like us to provide. We have initiated the process of asking relevant COVID-19 questions so as proper precautions can be followed by our field technicians when attending the property.
  • Onsite our technicians will ask a few rudimental questions to understand your heating and cooling situation. This is to reduce social contact and allows our customers to reside in comfort after this initial contact. These questions may include:
  • 1. Are there any known issues with the unit?
  • 2. The location of the controller or thermostat, to inspect any faults or identify a potential hardware issue.
  • 3. Where the location of the secondary unit is? And if it an internal or external unit. Please advise that access to your internal unit needs to abide by certain criterion. ie. A manhole or an alternative safe access point, whereby there is a structured walkway and lighting provided.
  • Our technicians are qualified and reliable, whereby customers can feel comfortable with allowing us to service their appliances and enter their home.
  • Here are multiple ways to pay for our provided service. During the COVID-19 epidemic, the health and safety of our customers and employees is a primary concern. To minimise physical exchanges, we have initiated the procedure of processing card details over the phone to our office staff. If this isn’t a viable request, we can also take cash or process credit cards onsite with precautions to promote the health and safety of our employees and customers.
  • The potential of contamination is reduced with a newly initiated and enforced waste procedure. The onsite technicians are to contain their used gloves in a mobile rubbish container to be then properly disposed of each day in a sanitary and safe environment. Paired with disinfectant and sanitiser, in-between jobs the technicians can maintain a high level of hygiene.

If you need any further information or clarification about our Essential Safety & Comfort protocol please contact us with a message or a phone call. We’re here to help keep you and your family safe and comfortable throughout this challenging situation.

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