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Evaporative Cooler servicing and repairs based in Melbourne

Maintain your evaporative cooling system in perfect working condition to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and minimal wear and tear on the parts

Inverter technology enables the air-con to ramp up or down as required. It is far more efficient to maintain a temperature rather than turn your appliance off and on when needed. The power it takes to get a room to temp far exceeds the power required to maintain a temperature. When you maintain a temperature your air-con does not have to ramp up to get the room to the desired temperature.

Annual service is important not only for the health of your family; it will also improve the efficiency of the unit.

Air-con are more cost effective to run than ever before but only if they are running efficiently with the correct amount of refrigerant, if the correct amount of refrigerant is not maintained there will be an increase in power consumption which will negate the efficient use of the appliance.





  • Check over the unit, roof surface, drain and water supply for any obvious damage or issues.
  • Remove the panels of the unit checking for any damage to the filter material.
  • Check the water level and check the water supply is on and working correctly.
  • Check the operation of the filler valve.
  • Discharge all sump water from the unit safely.
  • Clean the water tank and check operation of the drain valve.
  • Check the motor operation.
  • Clean inside the cabinet removing any webs, dust and dirt.
  • Fill the tank and wash the cabinet again to make sure it is all nice and clean inside.
  • Close the drain valve.
  • Set the correct water level.
  • Check the unit does not leak.
  • Replace the panels; checking all filter medium is brushed down.
  • Re-fit all panels and secure them to the unit.
  • Run the appliance and check it is operating correctly.
  • Check all vents inside the house for any airflow issues.
  • Advise the customer on the best ways to use their appliance to efficiently and effectively cool their property.


An annual evap cooler service should take approx. 45-60 mins for a single storey or 60-75mins for a double. Depending on the age, location and condition of the unit.

Due to safety precautions extra time may be required for different roof types e.g. shiny or slippery roof tiles, colour.