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Ducted Split Systems FAQs

Our goal is to offer you in-depth responses, troubleshooting assistance, and expert knowledge regarding ducted split indoor units.

Delve into our ducted split system FAQs to uncover answers to your questions and ensure optimal performance from your cooling systems.

Q: I need a new thermostat for my ducted split unit because it’s not functioning properly.

A: In 90% of instances, the thermostat isn’t the issue; rather, it’s the internal board within the heater that’s experiencing connectivity problems. To accurately diagnose the problem, a technician will need to inspect and assess the system.

Q: My ducted split system is making funny noises.

A: The gradual wear and tear of components can lead to parts becoming dislodged, worn out, or unbalanced. To identify the specific cause, it’s advisable to schedule a technician’s visit for a thorough diagnosis.

Q: My ducted split system isn’t performing as effectively as before.

A: We strongly recommend scheduling a comprehensive service to thoroughly inspect all components. The filters likely require cleaning, which can significantly improve the system’s performance.

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Q: I used to feel cold with my ducted split system, but now I’m feeling warm.

A: For an inverter-style ducted system, it’s crucial not to switch the appliance on and off frequently. Instead, it should be left on, and a consistent temperature should be maintained, as this is the most cost-effective way to operate the appliance.

If you’ve followed this advice and are still experiencing issues, it’s recommended to schedule a technician’s visit for further assessment.

Q: Why is there no airflow from my ducted split system’s vents, even though it appears to start up normally?

A: If you’re experiencing a lack of airflow from specific vents or your entire system, it could be due to a ducting issue. The detached ducts may need to be rejoined to restore proper airflow.

If you notice that your system starts up as usual but no air comes out of the vents, it’s still likely a ducting issue, and a technician should be called in for a thorough inspection.

Q: My ducted split thermostat is set to ‘X’ Degrees but it’s actually ‘Y’ Degrees colder

A: Several factors can cause this issue. To pinpoint the exact problem, it’s recommended to have a technician inspect and diagnose the system.

Q: The ducted split unit is very loud when operating.

A: To determine the cause of this noise, it’s advisable to schedule a technician’s visit for a thorough inspection.

The issue might be related to a malfunctioning fan within the unit, which may require replacement. Alternatively, it could be due to incorrect usage, where the appliance is struggling to maintain the desired temperature and is running at maximum capacity to achieve it.

Q: The ducted split controller screen is blank.

A: If your controller uses batteries, it’s advisable to check and replace them if necessary. If batteries are not required or replacing them doesn’t solve the issue, the interconnecting cables may be damaged.

You can attempt to resolve the problem by resetting the system through the main power supply by turning it off and then back on. If the issue persists, it’s recommended to arrange for a technician to inspect and address the problem.

Q: I have ceiling vents for heating and cooling, but I’m unsure of the unit’s location.

A: If you have ceiling vents delivering both heating and cooling, you likely have either a ducted heater with an added cooling system or a ducted split system.
In the case of a ducted split system, you’ll typically find a coil in the ceiling and a condenser unit situated outside.

For a ducted heating system with add-on cooling, the heater is usually located in the roof space, with the condenser unit positioned outside.

Q: I have a fault (number) on my ducted split controller – how do I fix that?

A: Many fault codes on the screen indicate a problem with the machine or serve as a reminder for a scheduled service or filter cleaning. To address this, start by attempting to reset the system by switching off the power at the mains and then turning it back on.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s advisable to arrange for a technician to inspect and rectify the fault.

Q: My ducted split controller is not displaying anything, and it’s non-operative.

A: To address this issue, first, try resetting the system by turning the power off and then on at the mains. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, you will need to arrange for a technician to inspect and diagnose the issue.

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