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Evaporative Cooler FAQs

Our goal is to offer you in-depth responses, troubleshooting assistance, and expert knowledge regarding evaporative air coolers.

Delve into our Evaporative Cooler FAQs to uncover answers to your questions and ensure optimal performance from your cooling system.

Q: My evaporative cooler isn’t working. Do I need a new thermostat?

A: In most cases, around 90%, the issue doesn’t lie with the thermostat but with the circuit board inside the heater, which may be experiencing connectivity problems.

To accurately diagnose and address this issue, you’ll need to have a technician inspect and assess the problem.

Q: My evaporative cooler is making funny noises.

A: Typically, over time, wear and tear can lead to parts becoming dislodged, worn, or unbalanced. To pinpoint the exact cause, it’s advisable to have a technician inspect the unit.

Q: My evaporative cooler isn’t as efficient as before, and it used to provide cooler air.

A: We recommend scheduling a thorough inspection of your evaporative cooler. Often, the reduced efficiency could be due to worn-out cooling pads or issues with water distribution, resulting in the system blowing out hot/room temperature air.

Q: There’s no air coming from the evaporative cooler’s vent(s)

A: This issue may be related to your ducting system. We strongly recommend having a technician assess and diagnose the problem. If feasible, they can rejoin any detached ducts during their visit.

Q: Evaporative cooler thermostat set to ‘X’ Degrees but it’s actually ‘Y’ Degrees warmer

A: This situation may indicate a ducting problem. We recommend having a technician inspect and diagnose the issue. If feasible, they can address it during their visit by rejoining any detached ducts.

Q: The evaporative cooling unit is very loud when operating.

A: Excessive noise during operation can stem from various issues, such as loose or worn parts. To pinpoint the problem and provide a solution, a technician should inspect the unit.
It might involve balancing the cooler, addressing motor issues, or even replacing certain components.

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Q: My evaporative cooler controller screen is blank

A: If your remote control screen is blank, first check if it requires batteries. If it doesn’t, damaged interconnecting cables could be the culprit.

Attempt a system reset by switching off and on at the mains. If the issue persists, it’s advisable to have a technician diagnose and address the problem.

Q: There is water dripping from the evaporative cooler unit.

A: If you notice water dripping from your evaporative cooling system, it’s important to get a technician to inspect the unit and diagnose/address the issue.

This could be due to a number of factors, such as a blocked drain, a damaged water distribution system, or other internal components that require inspection, maintenance and/or replacement.

Q: Are the ceiling vents for heating and cooling part of an evaporative cooler system?

A: If you have ceiling vents providing both heating and cooling, you likely have a ducted heater with an add-on cooling system or a ducted split system.

Q: I have a fault (number) on my evaporative cooler controller – how do I fix that?

A: Error codes on the screen typically signal a machine fault or indicate it’s time for a service and/or filter cleaning. First, attempt to resolve it by switching off and on the power at the mains.

If the issue persists, it’s advisable to schedule a technician’s visit for a thorough diagnosis and repair.

Q: The evaporative cooler starts up normally, but no air is coming from the vents/unit.

A: This problem likely indicates a ducting issue. It’s recommended to arrange a technician’s inspection to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Q: Do you sell evaporative cooler controllers – we’ve lost ours.

A: We do not specialise in selling spare parts, including controllers.
To find the correct replacement, please provide the brand and model of your unit, and we can assist you further in locating the right controller.

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