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Melbourne Heating and Cooling offer a Gas Heater Maintenance, Safety Checks, efficiency checks on all gas heaters.


Gas heater maintenance Gas heater maintenance and safety in your home can be so often overlooked. But, the consequences of not keeping your home heater in safe and efficient working order can be fatal.

It's not always obvious to the untrained eye when a heater is dangerous and has the potential to slowly poison a household.
If you have a gas heater installed at home Carbon Monoxide poisoning could be a very real threat. Older heaters can often be trusted to be running safely without recognising the hidden threat of the colourless, odourless Carbon Monoxide build up.

A tragic example of this recently took place right here in Melbourne (read below)



Sonia Sofianopoulos, who was found dead in her public housing unit.

Sonia Sofianopoulos, who was found dead in her public housing unit.

On the cold July morning that she died last year, Sonia Sofianopoulos and her partner, Haralambos Sioros, agreed on the phone that he would come over for coffee.
But when he arrived later that morning she didn’t answer the door of her Greensborough unit, even though her car was there.
Mr Sirios dialled her mobile phone and heard it ringing from inside the unit, but he guessed she must have gone out with her sister and left her phone and car behind, so he left.
At age 62, Ms Sofianopoulos was in good health and led an active life.
But by the next night, her family was deeply worried.
So her daughter Stella and Stella’s husband Jose let themselves into the unit at 10pm.
Once inside they were hit by an intense heat and air that was hard to breathe.
Ms Sofianopoulos was lying naked and deceased, face down on a towel on the floor between the bathroom and the bedroom.
The unit’s old Vulcan gas heater was running on high and a pot of burnt chickpeas was sitting on a low heat on the gas stove.
Ms Sofianopoulos, who was born in Greece in 1954 and emigrated to Australia in 1973, died from carbon monoxide toxicity inside her McDowell Street unit on July 22, 2017.

Article sourced from The Age

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It's crucially important that you have your home heater checked annually, particularly if you have an older model gas heater. You can talk to the team at Melbourne Heating and Cooling about checking the safety and efficiency of your heating setup. We want to make sure you're kept safe and warm all year round.

So call us today on 1300 36 44 36 or click the button below to request a heater check and give yourself peace of mind.


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