Melbourne Heating & Cooling services most areas of the Melbourne metropolitan area. We have technicians servicing the southern and eastern suburbs on a daily basis. Melbourne Heating and Cooling are the warranty service agents for Seeley International, where we cover the south eastern suburbs.




Braemar Ducted Heating

We offer taylored options of installing new or replacing/upgrading your current system. When simply repairing and servicing an outdated system outweighs the cost and benefits of replacing your current appliance talk to us. Our expertise is in designing a system that suits your specific needs. Because we recognise everyone feels the temperature differently.

Braemar Space Heater

Space heaters have been around since the early 70’s and come in all shapes and sizes Our job as service related people is to ensure the appliances are still safe for you to use. From there we can then advise on replacement appliances and or repair costs.


Braemar Wall Furnace

The Wall Furnace is a long space heater cut into or affixed to the outside of a internal wall of a domestic dwelling. It was first introduced to Australia in the early 1960’s by A.V. Jennings in their first homes. The idea was picked up by local manufactures Braemar Services Repair and Vulcan and they became so popular there is now some 750,000 appliances installed all over the state of Victoria. This is an appliance we have a lot of experience with and can advise you on servicing and replacement.

Split Air Conditioners

Melbourne Heating and Cooling can supply and an install split systems or they can install the split system you have purchased from else-where. All have aligned themselves with two companies; these companies are Toshiba, Carrier and Braemar


Breezair Evaporative Cooler

An evaporate cooler is a very old concept in keeping things cool. It is works on the principal of the Coolgardie safe, a cool cloth material draped over a meat safe, the air passing through the materials gives of its heat and the cool air falls down over the internals of the meat safe. A modern day version use the same sort of box and it has a pump to keep the water up to the filter medium and a large fan to circulate the airflow throughout the house.


Depending on their application a boiler can come in many different models and sizes. From small wall hung type to huge commercial boilers. We service, repair and replace any of these, even when the size is above the 500kw. Boilers have been around for a very long time and as such been refined and improved immensely by various manufacturers. With the right setup and application of boiler appliances we could be saving you between 20%-60% on running costs.


Toshiba Ducted Refrigerated

This appliance is just a bigger brother to the split system. However it can come in two forms, a split ducted or a packaged unit. The split ducted is as it says, we have a condenser unit external and a coil and a fan assemble in the roof cavity and ducted to room vents The package unit is the two boxes joined together and sits externally and then ducted into the roof cavity and off to the room vents. Both of these units are reverse cycle, heat and cool.

Hot Water

It’s something we all just take for granted. Every shower or bath to just rinsing the dishes. It’s amazing just how many times we turn the hot tap on. But when it’s not running the way it should who do you turn to? Well, you can talk to us about the different types of energy as well as storage and delivery systems. We’ll ensure you have the ideal setup and appliances for your requirements.