Getting your gas ducted heater checked regularly is essential for a healthy, happy and safe home.


Call now to organise a service for your gas ducted heater to ensure it continues to perform safely and effectively. Most people are not aware of the real dangers of CO poisoning which is a odourless, colourless gas omitted from a ducted heater when the gasses are not burning correctly can potentially be lethal to the members of your household. Gas ducted heaters accumulates lint and dust inside the unit. It is highly recommended for regular maintenance to keep the heater in tip top running condition.

The Technician will clean the combustion chamber of the unit.
If it has a pilot light they will check the pilot light turns on correctly and check the ignition flame is lighting properly






  • Check that the fan comes on correctly
  • Check that the unit doesn’t go into over temp
  • Check the heater safeties (cuts out and comes on as required)
  • Check the units wiring is in a good condition
  • Test the unit CO levels and check they are safe
  • Check (and clean if required) the return air vent
  • Check the unit integrity including the flue
  • Check for any gas leaks throughout the system


Service Call - All up a routine service generally takes approx. 30-45 minutes