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A functioning hot water system is very easy to forget about until it no longer works. It's easy to forget just how much we depend on our hot water systems.


Showering, cooking, washing up; most people only appreciate just how important their hot water tank is when it fails. Murphy's Law dictates that this usually happens in a very spectacular fashion, in the earliest hours of a very cold Sunday morning when every plumber in your neighbourhood is on holidays...

Hot water systems may seem a bit complicated and mysterious, but like all other parts of your home they'll benefit greatly from a bit of routine maintenance. This is particularly the case with hot water tank systems - because continuous flow hot water systems don't store hot water and are unlikely to build up any pressure, they require much less attention.

Effective maintenance for hot water tank systems should be routine in your home, and can double or triple the effective lifespan of your hot water system.

MHC recommends you service your hot water system at the same time as you service your heating or cooling system as a cost saving measure.